Why is the State forestry company building windfarms? Irish Independent, 22 March 2015

Three semi-state companies are competing with each other to build wind farms across the countryside. Why have Bord na Mona, Coillte and ESB all poured millions into the exact same activity?

Bord Gais Energy, until recently owned by the State, also built up a huge windfarm portfolio before it was sold last year.

McCarthy argues that it is the lucrative nature of these subsidies, rather than any real demand, that has prompted redundancy-hit State companies to turn to wind energy. “Windfarms don’t provide a lot of jobs beyond construction but they were highly lucrative. The basic truth is that if there were not subsidies, these organisations would not be building windfarms.

“Neither would the rake of private companies who are doing the same thing. Those subsidies are not real money – they are artificial charges that raise the cost of bills for consumers. And don’t forget that the State is responsible for connecting windfarms to the grid, and energy consumers pay for that too, via their bills.”

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