Unlocking Ireland’s biomass potential – converting Moneypoint by Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown, BW Energy: 15 March 2016

Deliver Ireland’s 2020 renewable electricity targets more cheaply than doubling onshore wind power:

  • – Only limited modifications required to existing plant.
  • – No change required to the Irish transmission system unlike doubling onshore wind that necessitates up to €3.5 billion transmission upgrade.
  • – No threat to rural heartland industries of bloodstock and tourism

Unlock Ireland’s major potential to supply cost competitive sustainable biomass.

Moneypoint’s biomass needs could be totally met by converting 8% of Irish agricultural land to energy crops.

Guarantee secure, long term demand for Irish biomass creating:

  • – More stable income for farmers and forestry.  Long term, fixed price contracts for energy crops and forestry offer more stable income than more volatile, traditional sectors.
  • – More positive investment in the Irish rural economy than more onshore wind which threatens bloodstock and tourism.
  • – A credible, economically effective strategy for Irish agriculture to fight climate change.

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