Turbines put the wind up woman with vertigo: Irish Mirror, 4 February 2015

A woman living next to sky-high wind turbines has told how they give her severe vertigo.

Breda Smyth, from Mount Lucas, Co Offaly, spends her nights in a back bedroom – within sight of the 150metre structures.

She said she is suffering sleepless nights and headaches since they were erected last July.

Breda explained: “It affects my head, it affects my ears, it affects everything. My ears are always tormenting me.

I have vertigo and I find it is worse since they were put up. I stood underneath one once and it really affected my vertigo. Every human being is different. What affects one might not affect the other. There were two weekends where I didn’t get any sleep. Some nights I’ll only get two or three hours.”

The Bord Na Mona wind farm will eventually consist of 28 turbines.

A spokesman said: “Anyone that has an issue with the Mount Lucas windfarm should contact Bord na Mona who will investigate the matter and respond appropriately.”

Paddy Massey, of ReThink Pylons, said: “There is no need to destroy our countryside.

“The Government and Eirgrid could achieve the amount of renewable energy for one tenth of the cost by converting Moneypoint power station in Co Clare from coal to biomass.”