BW Energy Report 1 on behalf of Rethink Pylons – January 2014: Evaluation of Grid Link Project Stage 1 Report: Sept 2013 and Press Release

An expert report concludes that the case for Grid25, based on a need to upgrade the transmission system to accommodate additional wind generation and to allow exports via interconnectors, is without sound foundation.  

The report, by consultants Malcolm Brown and Dr Anthony White of BW Energy has been shared with ReThink Pylons, a volunteer organisation working to stimulate a rethink of Irish energy policy, including Grid25. Grid25, the planned upgrade to the Irish electrical grid, would crisscross the country with hundreds of pylons carrying over a thousand kilometres of high-voltage overhead line.

Click here to read the full press release: BW Energy Press Release February 2014

To view the Report, click on the link here: BW Energy – Evaluation of September 2013 Grid Link Project (Stage 1 Report)