It’s an ill wind… Should Ireland stop building wind farms? Newstalk, 14 November 2014

A massive €74m wind farm is opening today between Limavady and Coleraine in Northern Ireland. It is one of the biggest wind farms on the island, but it comes at a time when some analysts are saying that the Republic of Ireland might not have much left to gain by pursuing wind power.

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National Grid’s £500m plan to move biggest and ugliest pylons underground – The Guardian, 9 November 2014

Eight national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty on shortlist, and £24m set aside for measures in other areas

The “biggest and ugliest” electricity pylons slicing through some of the UK’s most treasured beauty spots are set to be torn down.

The firm has 571km (355 miles) of pylon lines running through national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB) in England and Wales. The shortlisted areas are in the Snowdonia, Peak District, New Forest and Brecon Beacons national parks, and the Dorset, Tamar Valley, High Weald and North Wessex Downs AONBs, totalling 25km of lines.

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Minister Kelly’s directive on pylons rejected in vote

Members of Kildare County Council have rejected a directive by Environment Minister Alan Kelly, by voting in favour strict separation distances between homes and pylons.

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Scrap wind farm plans, urges economist Colm McCarthy, The Irish Times

Ireland should abandon plans to build more wind farms in order to comply with a European Union policy which has failed – especially in light of the fact that the State already has more power generation capacity than it needs, a leading economist has urged.

Colm McCarthy said Ireland seemed intent on “being the best pupil in the European Union class” when it comes to using renewable energy, despite the fact that this policy has failed and is about to be abandoned.

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Council’s energy plans to be reviewed by SPC – The Mayo Advertiser

Independent councillor Seamus Weir, who has been a leading adversary of the proposed GridWest project, brought forward a motion to the October meeting of Mayo County Council calling for the council to rescind its Wind Energy Strategy Plan and to review its Renewable Energy Strategy.

Cllr Weir told the meeting: “What we did with these plans was a big mistake, we didn’t totally know what we were doing.” He also said that under the plans there could be wind farms three miles from the centre of Ballina. Cllr Weir went on to say that he was not against wind energy, but he was against the large scale industrial plans.

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RTE Radio Interview with Sean O’Rourke

On 23 October 2014 a radio interview was held following up to the article in The Irish Sun on 7 October 2014.

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“We have sleepless nights worrying about the Pylons and our health” – The Irish Sun, 7 October 2014

A young mum and her family may be forced to emigrate over plans that will see their dream home surrounded by wind turbines, towering pylons and high-voltage power lines. Valentina Molloy, 30, who had her first child Ellie in June, says she will simply hand back the keys to their unfinished house and head overseas.

She said: “If these things go up, our land will be all but worthless, but more importantly, I fear for my baby’s health.”

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