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Frank McDonald: White Paper on low-carbon energy future is pretty lame

For all the headline stuff about moving towards full “decarbonisation” of the energy sector in the long term, the White Paper – Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future 2015-2030 – provides no clear road map.

One would expect a White Paper to be full of clarity and firmness of purpose, unlike a Green Paper, which discusses issues and puts forward a series of options to address them.

In effect, what Minister for Energy Alex White has produced is a Green Paper.

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A summary analysis of the Alex White interview by Malcolm Brown, BW Energy (Dec 2015)

Summary based on facts…

  1. Minister White has made the mistake of assuming that the next 20% of Irish power supply from onshore wind will cost the same as the first 20% and appears to have his cost data out by a factor of 1,000 in that interview.
  2. We need to work harder to get journalists to make the link between doubling onshore wind power and increased system costs above and beyond back up costs (specifically EirGrid’s €3.5 billion transmission upgrade plan). That is what makes converting Moneypoint to sustainable biomass a more attractive solution than yet more onshore wind  to meet the EU 2020 renewable power target as well as reducing carbon emissions in the Irish power sector in the most cost effective manner.

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Minister White gives no commitment on use of biomass in Moneypoint: The Farmers Journal, 15 November 2015

Energy Minister Alex White has said he will look at a range of technologies to provide renewable energy in coming years, but gave no commitment on using biomass in Ireland’s largest electricity plant.

The soon-to-be-published White Paper from the Department of Energy, Communications and Natural Resources will set out the plan for Ireland’s energy policy until 2050.

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Green Group Targets Seven TDs in Upcoming General Election: Nationalist, 5 November 2015

70 protestors gathered in Portlaoise last Saturday, urging people not to vote for Laoise Fine Gael minister Charlie Flanagan and six other TDs in the next general election.

The protest was part of a campaign by new national organisation Protect Rural Ireland (PRI), which aims to ‘save the countryside’ and is campaigning to remove politicians it says support the construction of wind farms and pylons.

Nationalist  article - nov 2

Anti Turbiners Target Minister Flanagan – Leinster Express

The first manoeuvre in a nationwide campaign to oust politicians in favour of wind turbines hit Portlaoise and Minister Charlie Flanagan last Saturday October 31.

Dozens of members of the new national group Protect Rural Ireland clad in high vis jackets, gathered in Lyster Square.

They then went door to door in the town centre and Portlaoise housing estates, canvassing and handing out leaflets bearing the uncompromising message ‘Vote Charlie Flanagan Out’.

Leinster express article - Nov 2015