“We have sleepless nights worrying about the Pylons and our health” – The Irish Sun, 7 October 2014

A young mum and her family may be forced to emigrate over plans that will see their dream home surrounded by wind turbines, towering pylons and high-voltage power lines. Valentina Molloy, 30, who had her first child Ellie in June, says she will simply hand back the keys to their unfinished house and head overseas.

She said: “If these things go up, our land will be all but worthless, but more importantly, I fear for my baby’s health.”

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Communities €50,000 war chests to fight wind farms – The Independent, 28 September 2014

Rural groups across the country have embarked on a new fundraising drive to pay for a series of High Court challenges to controversial wind-farm and pylon projects, the Sunday Independent has learned.

Activists claim amounts of up to €50,000 are being raised by individual communities to mount up to a dozen new challenges before the end of the year.

The renewed rural revolt comes amid a growing belief among protesters that the Government and An Bord Pleanala are not defending the interests of small rural communities.

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Council refuses planning for windfarm project – The Irish Examiner, 25 September 2014

Waterford City and County Council has refused planning permission for a windfarm project close to Dungarvan.

The application, by Kilkenny- based Ecopower Developments, sought to erect 12 wind turbines, an 80m meteorological mast plus access roads, electrical substation compound, equipment and control building and ancillary site works in the rural townlands of Knocknaglogh Lower, Barranastook Upper, Knocknamona, Woodhouse, Tinakilly, Monageela and Killatoor, collectively known as the Drumhills.

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Objection to 12 wind turbines, up to 126.6 meters in height, in the Blackwater River valley

The Irish Georgian Society has objected (September 2014) to the proposed siting of 12 wind turbines, each reaching up to 126.6 meters in height, on the Blackwater River valley. Following is the submission made to Waterford County Council.

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BW Energy Report 3 on behalf of ReThink Pylons – July 2014: Response to Irish Govt’s Consultation on May 2014 Green Paper on Irish Energy Policy

Press Release July 2014

The ReThink Pylons (RTP) Response to the Irish Government’s May 2014 Green Paper on Irish Energy Policy written by the BW Energy team, Dr. Anthony White and Malcolm Brown, July 2014.
In our statement on the launch of the Green paper just back in May, we in RTP called it a ‘cynical pre-election ploy to convince voters that the Government was working to rationalise Ireland’s skewed energy policy, because this was a strategy document for a policy the government was actually halfway through implementing’! It was a 2007 policy attempting to catch up with an All Wind government policy, which was good for its time then, but is now completely wrong for Ireland at this juncture, and there are far better and cheaper alternatives readily available to the nation now.
However, in our positive Response to the Green Paper, we show clearly the major changes that have dramatically altered Ireland’s energy landscape since the 2007 Irish Energy Policy Framework, and demonstrate why Biomass and Residential Solar PV are genuine alternatives, and we would claim, far better alternatives for Ireland NOW, and we show why.

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To view the report, click on the link below: BW Energy Report 3 – Green Paper Response -July 2014



Landowners claim energy firm not honouring deal – The Irish Examiner, 28 April 2014

Protesting landowners in west Waterford have claimed an energy company is not honouring “previously-agreed conditions” over a planned wind farm.

Nine landowners in Ballyduff, who staged a protest last week, claim that under a 2003 agreement with a company called Barranafaddock Sustainable Electricity, they were entitled to €1,000 per annum from the year of planning permission in 2005 to the time of construction next June.

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Time for a clearer vision of justice, rights and the environment – The Irish Times, 28 April 2014

Environmental decision-making is a hot topic. It’s inherently controversial and highly political. Climate, energy, water, biodiversity and land-use planning all pose significant challenges for government and generate strong opinions on the best way to address these challenges.

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New Report Offers Pylon-Free Alternative to Grid 25

Conversion of Ireland’s largest power station, Moneypoint in Co. Clare, from coal to biomass is a low cost alternative to Grid25 that would make it possible to meet Irish renewable energy targets for 2020 at a single stroke – while protecting Irish jobs and safeguarding the countryside from pylon blight, an expert report concludes.

The report, by consultants Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown of BW Energy, also makes clear that gradual conversion to biomass at Moneypoint, would enable Ireland to meet its renewable energy commitments cost effectively, without the massive Grid25 upgrade required by Ireland’s current “all wind” policy.

The report, Review of the Irish Government’s Strategy for Compliance with the European Directive 2009/28, is released today by ReThink Pylons, a volunteer organisation working to stimulate a rethink of Irish energy policy, including Grid25.

To read the full report click on the following: BW ENERGY March 2014

Threat of blackouts if power grid not upgraded – The Irish Examiner, 28 March 2014

If the upgrade to the national electricity grid is not carried out, the country will face blackouts, Gridlink project manager John Lowry said yesterday.

Mr Lowry says changes in the electricity generation mix and increased use of wind energy means that, unless the grid is urgently upgraded there is a danger of the system collapsing.

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