Green Group Targets Seven TDs in Upcoming General Election: Nationalist, 5 November 2015

70 protestors gathered in Portlaoise last Saturday, urging people not to vote for Laoise Fine Gael minister Charlie Flanagan and six other TDs in the next general election.

The protest was part of a campaign by new national organisation Protect Rural Ireland (PRI), which aims to ‘save the countryside’ and is campaigning to remove politicians it says support the construction of wind farms and pylons.

Nationalist  article - nov 2

Anti Turbiners Target Minister Flanagan – Leinster Express

The first manoeuvre in a nationwide campaign to oust politicians in favour of wind turbines hit Portlaoise and Minister Charlie Flanagan last Saturday October 31.

Dozens of members of the new national group Protect Rural Ireland clad in high vis jackets, gathered in Lyster Square.

They then went door to door in the town centre and Portlaoise housing estates, canvassing and handing out leaflets bearing the uncompromising message ‘Vote Charlie Flanagan Out’.

Leinster express article - Nov 2015

The Myth of “green” Data Centres: The Law is my Oyster, 2 November 2015

Apple are seeking planning permission for a 240MW data centre in Athenry, Co. Galway, which it says will create “up to 215 jobs”.
Questions need to be asked about this data centre that is being hailed by the current government as a massive victory for the Irish economy and the environment, as Apple have announced that they intend to power this data centre with renewable energy.

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Woman tells of shock at turbines plan: The Irish Examiner, 3 November 2015

A Cork housewife yesterday told of her shock to learn two 150m-high turbines are to be built near her family home.

Geraldine Buckley, a mother of five, described the turbines, more than twice the height of Cork County Hall, as “monstrosities”.

Geraldine and husband Tadhg, who live near Charleville, fear their health and that of dozens of local families will be affected. Planning permission for the wind turbines, at Rathnacally, has been granted.

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Irish Energy Policy: An Expensive Mess

In recent weeks political debate has been fixated on water charges. The political party most closely associated with the need for water charges, as a matter of principle, has been the Green Party. In fairness to it and to its leader, Eamon Ryan, the party has continued to make the case for water charges even in the face of mounting public hostility to the idea and its botched implementation. Another core Green Party policy has been a massive shift in Ireland’s energy policy away from use of fossil fuels towards wind energy. As Energy Minister, between 2007 and 2011, the current Green Party leader Eamon Ryan was instrumental in setting the target that 40% of our electricity supply should come from renewable sources by 2020. How well is this energy policy working out?

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