PC0186: North County Kildare and South County Meath

PC0186: North County Kildare and South County Meath – Kildare County Council

Proposed Wind Farm consisting of up to 47 Turbines

Case reference: PL09 .PC0186

Case type: Pre-Application Consultation

Decision: Is a Strat. Infrast. Dev.

Date Signed: 31/03/2015


  • Element Power Ireland Limited (Prosp. Applicant)
  • Kildare County Council (Local Authority) (Active)
  • Offaly County Council (Local Authority) (Active)
  • Meath County Council (Local Authority) (Active)


  • 09/04/2015: Related Case: PA0041
  • 31/03/2015: Case Decided
  • 13/10/2014: Lodged: Consultation has yet to be concluded


The Scare Tactics of the Wind Industry – The Law is my Oyster, 20 April 2015

One of the most commonly-used tactics of domination by modern governments is to keep their citizens in a state of perpetual terror by continuously announcing doomsday scenarios, and then use these apparent threats to justify increasingly oppressive governance. We now see continuously increasing levels of electronic surveillance and invasions of privacy, increased taxation to fund unregulated and often out-of-control government spending; the politicisation of the courts and the judicial process with the resultant undermining of civil liberties, and finally, a raft of oppressive legislation, just in case everything else is not enough.

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Mum’s fears at plans to build 150-metre wind farm beside home – Irish Daily Mirror, 18 April 2015

A mother with autistic children has told how she fears plans to build a wind farm beside their home could play havoc with her kids’ health.

Padraig, Ciara and Cliodhna have autism and attend schools with customised sound proof rooms.  But now there are plans to construct 150 metre high turbines around 450-500 metres away from her four bedroom home in Killygordon, Co Donegal.

Mrs Moss fears the low frequency noise emitted from the 40 spinning electricity generating machines could exacerbate her children’s condition.

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Watch: Is Eirgrid’s revised plan for pylons enough to calm people-protest through parts of the country? RTE News – Prime Time, 14 April 2015

EirGrid has scaled down some of its plans for massive new pylons but will it be enough to calm the waves of anger in parts of the country?

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Wind farm planning process excludes public, claims engineer – Independent, 14 April 2014

High Court hears claim proposed Co Meath farm will impact environment and health.

It is alleged An Bord Pleanála decided the proposed development has “strategic infrastructural status” which means a planning application can be made directly to the board with no public involvement in the environmental-impact assessment.

An engineer opposed to a proposed wind farm in Co Meath claims the development has a “fundamentally unfair” planning procedure. He said there is no public involvement in the environmental-impact assessment.

John Callaghan fears the development of 46 turbines on land near his home at Kells, Co Meath, will adversely impact on the environment as well as the health and development of his autistic son.

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Council Calls for Ban on Granting Planning Permission to Wind Farms – Guidelines Are Outdated

Donegal Co. Council is calling on the Minister for the Environment to immediately introduce a ban on the granting of planning permission to any new wind farm developments until a full review of the current legislation and guidelines is carried out.

Cllr. Gary Doherty said that wind farm developments are a huge issue in Donegal.

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EU’s green energy debacle shows the futility of climate change policies – Financial Post, 14 April 2015

Ontario will follow the EU at its peril — power rates will soar while industries depart

As the Ontario government announces new unilateral climate policies, Canadian policymakers would be well advised to heed the lessons of Europe’s self-defeating green energy debacle.

The European Union has long been committed to unilateral efforts to tackle climate change. For the last 20 years, Europe has felt a duty to set an example through radical climate policy-making at home. Political leaders were convinced that the development of a low-carbon economy based on renewables would give Europe a competitive advantage.

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Fianna Fáil To Unveil New Policy Paper On Energy – ORS, 13 April 2015

Fianna Fáil is to unveil its proposals on a new policy document on energy tomorrow, Tuesday.

The party’s spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Michael Moynihan TD said Ireland’s current energy policy is driving up consumer prices.

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The evidence that Ireland cannot become Denmark & why curtailment of Wind Power will become substantial by 2020- Irish Energy Blog, 13 April 2015

We currently have over 2,000MW of wind. Theoretically, we are at the stage where it should be easy to export some of our excess wind energy, which we can’t use, to the UK as curtailment levels are still relatively small (in 2013 we curtailed about 3.5% of our wind) and should not pose problems to the UK system which is 11 times greater than ours. When we reach really high levels of wind, we will want to export a lot more surplus wind energy to our neighbours.

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Protestors picket An Bord Pleanála over plans to put up wind turbines – Newstalk, 9 April 2015

The Irish Wind Energy Authority says wind energy essential to Ireland meeting energy commitments.

Around 100 protestors have gathered outside the offices of An Bord Pleanála in opposition to wind turbines.

They are questioning the decision of the board to grant permission for wind farms around the country.

The demonstrators say the government energy policy is flawed, and will cost the taxpayer billions.

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