Report suggests biomass could be way for Ireland to reach renewable energy targets: Irish Independent, Tuesday 15 March 2016

A leading figure in Irish horse racing Annemarie O’Brien today launched a new report which aims to unlock Ireland’s biomass potential.
Annemarie, wife of legendary trainer Aidan, says wind power is not the way to meet our EU ‘green energy’ targets by 2020 – and that biomass, or burning wood pellets, is a viable alternative.
She says: “Doubling wind power is simply not the way forward. It is too expensive to build, too scarring on our beautiful landscape.

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Unlocking Ireland’s Biomass Potential – Opening Speech by AnneMarie O’Brien at Buswells, 15 March 2016

A question I get asked a lot is how did I become interested in this whole area of renewable energy in the first place – I suppose it really started a few years ago when we became aware that Eirgrid was proposing to build a line of massive pylons stretching from Dublin to Cork and part of that line was scheduled to go straight through our stud farm where Aidan and I breed and raise bloodstock.

Should such a project have been given the go-ahead it would have rendered that land totally unfit for the purposes for which it was being used. One then invariably starts to ask the questions – Why was such a large infrastructure project being considered? ….Was it something that was necessary? and … Were there any alternatives that should be given due consideration?

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Unlocking Ireland’s biomass potential – converting Moneypoint by Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown, BW Energy: 15 March 2016

Deliver Ireland’s 2020 renewable electricity targets more cheaply than doubling onshore wind power:

  • – Only limited modifications required to existing plant.
  • – No change required to the Irish transmission system unlike doubling onshore wind that necessitates up to €3.5 billion transmission upgrade.
  • – No threat to rural heartland industries of bloodstock and tourism

Unlock Ireland’s major potential to supply cost competitive sustainable biomass.

Moneypoint’s biomass needs could be totally met by converting 8% of Irish agricultural land to energy crops.

Guarantee secure, long term demand for Irish biomass creating:

  • – More stable income for farmers and forestry.  Long term, fixed price contracts for energy crops and forestry offer more stable income than more volatile, traditional sectors.
  • – More positive investment in the Irish rural economy than more onshore wind which threatens bloodstock and tourism.
  • – A credible, economically effective strategy for Irish agriculture to fight climate change.

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Lets stick to facts and evidence: February 2016

A Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland report launched in February this year, estimated that wind was saving Ireland 2.3 % from total fuel imports per annum, of the €6.5 billion spent on fuel imports. This 2.3% saving did not include any fuel used in spinning reserve which is likely to have reduced that estimated saving to well below 2% and possibly even less than 1%.

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Mars did and may have life, says NASA employer

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The State is taking a €35 million punt on a huge new wind energy venture: Business Etc Journal, 29 February 2016

THE IRISH STATE’S investment fund has committed €35 million to a new wind energy project that will build multiple wind farms across the country.

NTR, formerly one of Ireland’s largest publicly listed companies, announced today that it secured €250 million in equity for a new investment vehicle called NTR Wind 1 that will build onshore wind farms in Ireland and the UK.

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Negative effect of high voltage lines or wind turbines on property prices in the Netherlands

Government purchase of homes under high-voltage power cables

In 2017 central government will be launching a scheme to purchase homes located directly under high-voltage power lines. Eligible homeowners will be able to sell their homes to the government at a price determined by an independent valuer.

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Video: Health effects explained It isn’t just annoying noise

What’s interesting in the new documentary WIND RUSH is not the usual mantra about clean energy. What’s interesting is that the health effects of windfarms are recognized by health professionals, and explained very clearly. So we made an abridged version grouping the parts that help understand why there is a health problem.
Here it is below. It’s an eye-opener for most people.

Video Health effects explained – It isn’t just annoying noise EPAW – European Platform Against Windfarms

High Court overturns permission for Cork wind farm, Irish Times, 25 February 2016

Judge says process used by An Bord Pleanála did not comply with Irish law

The High Court has overturned a grant of planning permission for a wind farm near Inchigeelagh, Co Cork.
Mr Justice Bernard Barton ruled the permission must be quashed after finding that the process under which An Bord Pleanála had decided relevant issues concerning compliance with two European Directives – the Habitats Directive and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive – did not comply with Irish law.

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