Irish Wind Policy – Time to Rethink: Presentation by Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown, BW Energy (May 2015)

Executive Summary: Biomass can deliver Irish targets more effectively than wind

– Ireland has an ‘all wind’ strategy to meet EU 2020 renewable ‘green’ power targets.

– Requires doubling of current 200 wind farms (2,000 turbines) and over 700 km of high voltage transmission lines carried by industrial scale pylons in the countryside

– Doubling wind power directly threatens vital Irish heartland industries – tourism and equine.

– It is technically difficult, outdated and unnecessarily expensive.

– Fortunately technology today offers better solutions.

– Conversion of coal fired Moneypoint and peat power stations to sustainable biomass – re-engineering existing plant – is cheaper, requires no change to transmission infrastructure and no new power stations.

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