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Tesla Powerwall could transform the energy grid: The Irish Times, 11 May 2015

The concept is simple – the seven or 10kWh Powerwall for $3,500 or the 100kWh Powerpack for $25,000 are wall-mounted batteries that store energy, whether generated onsite through solar panels or wind turbines, say, or stored at off-peak times for use during peak hours.

Naam suggests: “Storage of electricity in large quantities is reaching an inflection point, poised to give a big boost to renewables, to disrupt business models across the electrical industry, and to tap into a market that will eventually top many of tens of billions of dollars per year, and trillions of dollars cumulatively over the coming decades.”

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Striking a Blow…Mum Battles Rural Wind Turbine Plan: Irish Mirror, 9 May 2015

A mum has told how she travel the length and breadth of Ireland in a bid to stop giant wind turbines and ugly power lines being built in the countryside.

Former tourism worker Paula Byrne has joined the Irish Mirror’s drive to save our rural areas.

The determined campaigner for Wind Aware Ireland is demanding a halt to the electricity generating power projects before it’s too late.

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Irish Mirror, 9 May 2015

Power failure at Dáil meeting as campaigner complains about Eirgrid – The Irish Examiner, 28 April 2015

Ironically, the power cut came in the middle of a committee meeting about the North-South interconnector.

The power failure came just as one campaigner from Monaghan told the committee that Eirgrid were not replying to complaints – and the assembled officials certainly saw the funny side.

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“I got this land so I could farm into my old age.. if the pylons go up it will be worth peanuts.” – Irish Mirror, 26 April 2015

An accountant who retired early to become a farmer fears his land will be worth “peanuts” if plans to erect giant pylons nearby go ahead.

Michael Lavin, 62, from Craggagh in Foxford, Co Mayo, has joined the Irish Mirror campaign to save our countryside from being ruined with dozens of wind turbines and pylons planned for rural areas.

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WInd Lobby Gets Whipped by Workadays: American Free Press, 21 April 2015

A dedicated group of citizen volunteers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland have taken on an arm of the powerful wind lobby and sent them packing back to the Lone Star state.

The group formed for that purpose, Safe for Somerset, comprised of average citizens, some with professional degrees in engineering, law and medicine, gathered the facts necessary to educate the residents of the county, who told Pioneer Green Energy of Austin to move along.

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Campaigners seeking an urgent review into wind turbines after devastating colapse

Campaigners against giant wind turbines have called for an urgent probe into the ‘ticking time bombs’ before there is a real disaster.

Safety fears have mounted after an 80m (262ft) turbine – almost as high as The Spire on Dublin’s O’Connell Street – dramatically collapsed last week.

Locals said vibrations could be felt several kilometres away when the towering turbine in Co Tyrone crashed to the ground leaving debris strewn across the mountainside.

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Campaigners seeking an urgent review into wind turbines after devastating collapse

The Scare Tactics of the Wind Industry – The Law is my Oyster, 20 April 2015

One of the most commonly-used tactics of domination by modern governments is to keep their citizens in a state of perpetual terror by continuously announcing doomsday scenarios, and then use these apparent threats to justify increasingly oppressive governance. We now see continuously increasing levels of electronic surveillance and invasions of privacy, increased taxation to fund unregulated and often out-of-control government spending; the politicisation of the courts and the judicial process with the resultant undermining of civil liberties, and finally, a raft of oppressive legislation, just in case everything else is not enough.

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Mum’s fears at plans to build 150-metre wind farm beside home – Irish Daily Mirror, 18 April 2015

A mother with autistic children has told how she fears plans to build a wind farm beside their home could play havoc with her kids’ health.

Padraig, Ciara and Cliodhna have autism and attend schools with customised sound proof rooms.  But now there are plans to construct 150 metre high turbines around 450-500 metres away from her four bedroom home in Killygordon, Co Donegal.

Mrs Moss fears the low frequency noise emitted from the 40 spinning electricity generating machines could exacerbate her children’s condition.

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