BW Energy Report 2 on behalf of Rethink Pylons – March 2014: Review of the Irish Govt’s Strategy for Compliance with European Directive 2009/28 and Press Release

Press Release

4 March  2014

Conversion of Ireland’s largest power station to biomass is a low cost alternative to Grid25 that would make it possible to meet Irish renewable energy targets at a single stroke – while protecting Irish jobs and safeguarding countryside from pylon blight, expert report concludes.

The report, by consultants Dr Anthony White and Malcolm Brown of BW Energy, concludes that co-firing of biomass with coal or complete conversion to biomass at Ireland’s existing power plants would enable Ireland to meet its renewable energy commitments cost-effectively, and make the Grid25 upgrade unnecessary.

“There have been important technological advances in boiler design and a scaling up of the international biomass market in the years since Ireland made the costly decision to rely so heavily on wind power to meet its renewable targets,” said Malcolm Brown “Biomass now represents a real alternative’.

The report, Review of the Irish Government’s Strategy for Compliance with the European Directive 2009/28, is released today by ReThink Pylons, a volunteer organisation working to stimulate a rethink of Irish energy policy, including Grid25.

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