RethinkPylons (RTP) understands that a sustainable and secure energy supply is necessary for economic recovery and growth. We acknowledge the role that different forms of sustainable and renewable energy need to play in Ireland’s future energy needs. RethinkPylons support renewable energy policies which are demonstrably linked to local, regional and national jobs. RethinkPylons believes the government’s current energy policy is outdated and wrong. Moreover, the proposed policy for CO2 reductions, the export policy for renewable energy, and Grid25 grid upgrade are inextricably linked. They must, therefore, be addressed as a whole and with the involvement, awareness and understanding of the Irish public.

RethinkPylons has calculated that Grid 25 – with its hundreds of new pylons and thousands of kilometres of high-voltage overhead line – would cause huge economic damage to the agriculture and tourism industries. It would devalue property, costing losses not just to homeowners but to the Irish Revenue. It would also cause irreparable damage to our country’s landscape, and, possibly, to the health of those forced to live along it.

RethinkPylons insists that the Government and our state Companies respect the principle that the environment belongs to current and future generations of Irish citizens. RethinkPylons in achieving these objectives will:

  1. Create greater public awareness
  2. Stimulate thought provoking debate
  3. Provide a central information source
  4. Advocate a full cost/benefit analysis – including job losses or job creation – on renewable energy and transmission systems
  5. Investigate long term financial viability
  6. Promote additional & alternative views
  7. Encourage personal reduction in Energy consumption
  8. Encourage policies that reduce & save energy in the long term
  9. Seek to inform and educate public representatives and demand public accountability
  10. Encourage public participation in formulating energy policy